The most important aspect of security is proper training. Central Protection Services has multiple instructors trained and certified to deliver the highest quality training to you. The State of Florida, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services requires all Security Officers to undergo training as set forth in Florida Statutes 493 and 790.

ASP Handcuff Training

asp handcuff

This course provides the following instruction on Handcuff Training

•Handcuffing Nomenclature
•Hinged Handcuffing
•General Handcuffs
•Handcuffing the Resistive, Non-Resistive, or Semi-Resistive Subjects)
•The Prone Straight Arm Lock
•Disengage & Decentralization Skills
•Prone Handcuffing
•Standing a Prone Handcuffed Subject
•Removing Handcuffs
•Frisk & Cuff
•Use of Contact Cover

ASP Baton Training

asp baton

ASP Baton Basic (1) one-day certification training teaches law enforcement officers, security officers, and other industry professionals Tactical Baton fundamentals in an operational setting. The program is simple to learn and easy to understand. It provides efficient defensive impact weapon tactics for industry professionals without long hours of training. The techniques are designed to work effectively for all individuals, male and female, large and small, fit as well as officers in less than peak physical condition.

Length of Course: 4 hours.

Course Lessons

• Program Standards
• Safety
• Use of Force Evaluations
• Documentation
• Liability Considerations
• Technical Baton Characteristics
• Maintenance
• Training Terminology
• Verbalization
• Stances
• Safe Separation
• Basic Baton Skills
• Securing the Baton
• ASP Modes
• Target Areas
• Opening / Closing the ASP Baton
• Baton Strikes
• Counter Strike vs. Blocking
• Weapon Retention

Oleo-resin Capsicum Training



• Oleo-resin Capsicum Formulations / Carriers
• Projectors / Propellants / Delivery Systems
• Effectiveness / Safety / Liability Factors
• Criteria for Selection
• Operational Guidelines / Practical Exercises
• Decontamination / First Aid
• Officer Survival Techniques
• Sample Policy and Procedures
• Instructor Development
• Inter-graded Use of Force Options
• Tactics for Surviving an OC Attack
• Contamination Exercises

Taser Training


Central Protection Services currently has 2 on staff Taser International Certified Taser Instructors. We are one of the select facilities that has the ability to conduct these courses. Use of the Taser greatly reduces the possibility of injuries to officers and suspects. This course will give you knowledge on the use of the Taser device, proper testing of the device, proper removal of probes, as well as some legal aspects. You will be in class for at least 8 hours depending on the amount of students. There is also a portion where students can volunteer to be tased. After the tase, you will know exactly what the device does. It will help you if you ever have to go to court for a suspect.

The U.S. Department of Defense policy defines less than lethal weapons as weapon systems that are explicitly designed and primarily employed as to incapacitate individuals or material, while minimizing fatalities, permanent injuries to personnel, and undesired damage to property and the environment. The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the theory and practical training necessary to effectively instruct users to safely and effectively operate the Taser M26 and X26 weapons as a less than lethal option.

The Taser certification course will enable the student to carry and deploy the Taser weapon delivery system in a safe and effective manner. The Student will be able to explain how the Taser conducted energy weapon overrides the central nervous system. The student will also demonstrate proficiency in the function and use of the Taser weapons.

Pre-Requisite: Restricted Licensed Security, Recovery, Private Investigators, Bail Bond Agents, or In House Security Officers registered by his/her employer.

Disclaimer: Upon registration, we have reserved a seat in the class for you. You will receive a conformation call. Please remember that if for any reason you need to cancel, you need to contact us by phone or email 24 hours prior to the class start time. Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 cancellation fee to be charged to your credit card. Furthermore, you hereby agree that by filling out this form and clicking submit that you have read and agree to this disclaimer.

CPR Training


This Course provides training on First Aid and CPR for all ages.

Students will learn:

• Recognize an emergency and overcome the reluctance to act
• Recognize and care for breathing and cardiac emergencies in infants, children and adults
• Techniques used in saving a victim of choking
• Minimize the effects of shock
• Treat sudden illnesses, including poisonings and heat and cold emergencies
• Perform first aid for cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns, bleeding, and injuries to bones, joints, and muscles, such as sprains and strains
• Use the EMS system

28 Hour Armed Security Training

armed training

In accordance with Florida Chapter 493, Class “G” licensed armed security officers are required to complete 28-hours of classroom and range instruction under the direction of a Class “K” licensed instructor. At Central Protection Services, we offer Class “G” license training as a three day course. Day One and Day Two are conducted as ten-hour classroom days at our training facility near the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport. Day Three includes 8-hours of range instruction and final qualification at our firearms training location, Take Aim Gun Range.

The Armed Security Officer Course covers all information required by the State of Florida for Class “G” license applicants, including:

• Florida Statues 493, 775, and 790
• Firearms Safety & Mechanics
• Civil Liability & Use of Force Issues
• Handgun Marksmanship
• Care and Maintenance of Firearms
• Other required topics

In addition to lesson instruction, every student is walked through the State application process in a step-by-step manner to ensure that the Class “G” license application is complete and filled out properly. Students that pass the final exam and range qualification will be given proof of completion to provide to the State when they apply for the Class “G” license. Graduates that are issued a Florida Class “G” license must return once per year to complete the state required annual requalification to retain their license. Note: All Class G license officers must also possess a class D license. Therefore, all G license applicants must either already possess a Class D license, or must be applying to the State for the D license at the same time that they are applying for the G license.

Day One and Day Two (Friday and Saturday) of the Class “G” course is conducted at Central Protection Services’ Sarasota Campus.
Day Three (Sunday-Range Day) is conducted at the Take Aim Gun Range in Sarasota.

Application Support Services

Central Protection Services offers a special application package consisting of fingerprinting, license photographs, and notary services for only $20.00.

Central Protection Services also offers psychological testing for Class “G” applicants for only $35.00. This price is only for students. All services may be purchased the first day of class and paid for by cash, credit card, or company check (no personal checks).

This class requires the use of a .38 revolver, .357 revolver, or 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Students possessing their own firearm may use them on the range, however, do not bring them to class on Day 1 or Day 2 unless instructed so by the class instructor. We do have a secure area for any students bringing any weapons to the facility. Those students who do not have their own firearm may use a Central Protection Services’ firearm by paying a cleaning and maintenance fee of $20 on the first day of class.

Please remember to bring your ammunition. Ammunition can be purchased at the range. You will need 144 rounds for whichever weapon you are using to qualify with.

All firearms needed for the classroom component will be provided by Central Protection Services. On Day Three, you are recommended to bring the following items to the range

If you are bringing a handgun to the range on Sunday, the weapon should be brought to the range unloaded and encased. All student-brought weapons will be subjected to a safety inspection prior to live fire.

•.38 Revolver or 9mm semi-automatic handgun
•3+ speed loaders or 3+ magazines, if appropriate
•Quality duty holster and loader/magazine pouches (NO cross draw, shoulder, SOB, or ankle holsters)
•Comfortable clothing that provides protection from both the sun and ejected brass.

Unarmed Security Training

The State of Florida requires a total of 40-hours of instruction for Class “D” license training. At Central Protection Services, we offer the 40 hours of Class “D” training as four, 10-hour days of classroom instruction. The course includes all information required by the State of Florida for initial license applicants including the following;

• Florida State Statutes Section 493
• Legal Issues and Liabilities
• Basic First Aid
• Fire Suppression
• Emergency Procedures
• Crime & Accident Prevention
• Other required topics

In addition to lesson instruction, every student is walked through the State application process in a step-by-step manner to ensure that the license application is complete and filled out properly.

Students passing the final exam will be given proof of completion to provide to the State when they apply for the Class “D” license.

To assist in the application process students may purchase the support services required by the State in order to have a complete application. Please inquire about these additional services on the first day of class.

The services include notarization of your application, passport sized photograph, and fingerprints.

NOTE: According to the State of Florida, applicants for security licenses must be at least 18years of age, have no disqualifying criminal history, and be legally allowed to work in the United States.

NRA Training Program

Protect your legal right to keep and bear arms. but get the professional training that will give you the skills and confidence to do so safely and responsibly.

We offer professional firearms training by NRA Certified Instructors. Review the course list below for more information on each course that we currently offer.

Please view our calendar by clicking the link below for upcoming training dates and locations. If you want private group training, please contact us by email.