Central Protection offers a wide variety of services to best meet our clients needs. You can rest assured that Central will be your one stop shop for all things security. Not only do we provide high quality Security Guard and Patrol Services, we can also remotely monitor your property via CCTV, control who can access your building or community through our Access Control Systems, or provide quality training. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You may also click the link below to fill out our online price quote form.

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Guard Services


When a situation arises that may require special security services, Central Protection Services will be there. Central Protection Services’ armed and unarmed officers are trained in the use of firearms and are also fully equipped with less than lethal weapons. The armed officers carry a firearm, Taser, ASP expandable baton, flashlight, handcuffs, OC spray, and a cell phone. Our officers are fully trained and certified in the use of all the equipment they carry. We offer plain clothes officers for an inconspicuous presence or black class A dress uniforms that give an authoritative visual appearance. Our guard services can be employed for many uses from access control to personal protection.

A security officer is an individual who is given the duty of protecting someone or something from harm or theft foreign and domestic. Security Officers come in many divisions to include the use of domesticated animals, Boats, All terrain Vehicles (ATV’s), Patrol Vehicles, Motorcycle and bicycle patrols. Security Officers in the state of Florida who work for an agency must obtain and maintain a class D security license and if working armed a class G security license. Central Protection Services takes pride in exceeding state requirements by requiring all officers to maintain proficiency of their firearm by having company range days monthly.

Patrol Services


Today, security is a top concern for virtually every business owner and executive. Security is no longer optional, it’s a must have. In addition to the number one goal of helping to protect employees, customers and assets, adequate security can positively affect customer and employee retention, provide a competitive advantage and improve the bottom line. But far too often small businesses sacrifice security because of budget issues. Central Protection Services has your solution. Patrol inspections refer to random interior and exterior patrols of your property or work site. This service enables small and medium size businesses to access security offerings which are typically only available to larger corporations.

Features include…
• Expertly trained, uniformed security officers
• Highly visible, clearly marked vehicles
• Officers equipped with GPS navigation system, cellular phone and emergency response procedures
• Computerized verification of services delivered through our secure system with QR Codes at hot spots on property
• 24 hour dispatching
• Property signs and bold self-adhesive vehicle decals for display
• Random patrol patterns for maximum security
• Local management 24 hours per day

Private Investigations Service


The investigations division of Central Protection Services is a full service private investigation agency dedicated to providing the highest quality investigative services at affordable prices. Our investigative staff is experienced and result oriented to provide personalized, efficient service in the State of Florida. Regardless of your investigative needs, our goal is to provide the best results possible in the least amount of time possible. Therefore, maximizing the benefits for you, the client, while keeping your overall cost to a minimum. We achieve this through an absolute dedication to that goal along with our experience and resources acquired over many years of service. The result is affordable, reliable clarifications. Please call Central Protection Services at 941-999-1014 for affordable rates and additional information.

Services include…
• Background Checks / Records Checks
• Infidelity or child custody investigations
• Surveillance
• Auto Liability Claims Investigations
• Workers Compensation and Disability Claims
• GPS Vehicle Tracking
• Missing person investigations
• Asset searches
• Social media searches
• Executive protection
• GPS Vehicle Tracking

Special Event Services


At Central Protection Services, we offer special event security services designed to handle any size public or private event. At events where crowd sizes number from the hundreds to the thousands or at venues ranging in size from school auditoriums to professional stadiums and arenas, we are able to create a security program suited to your event needs. At Central Protection Services, we are proven experts in the unique security challenges presented by large events.

To ensure the best and most comprehensive coverage, Central Protection Services, partners with your management and event staff to identify potential threats and develop effective strategies to meet them. Our special event management personnel are security professionals and former high-ranking law enforcement leaders who have planned and executed every type of event under the most rigorous conditions, including: parades, demonstrations, conventions and sporting events. No two special events are ever the same, and similarly, no two security companies are identical.

Central Protection Services provides fully screened and highly trained personnel who are completely experienced in the field of special events security.

Our Special Events Service Division provides comprehensive security programs for grand openings, film and theater premieres, celebrity appearances, autograph signings, art gallery openings, fund raising dinners and all types of events. Central Protection Services is capable of providing you with professionally and expertly managed special event security services in a proactive manner that addresses today’s ever-changing security challenges.

Event Medical / First Aid Service

Coming Soon!

Parking Enforcement


Our staff can patrol your lots as often as you wish and provide you with detailed weekly reports on violators, warnings issued, towing, and any illegal or suspicious activity they see. Most companies won’t commit the resources or fuel to do this, but we do. We are your eyes and ears when you aren’t there.

Towing companies pay their drivers on commission. This often leads to angry residents and customers since often cars are towed that shouldn’t be just so the driver can make a buck.

Our drivers are salaried, so their motivation is to immobilize the right cars and enforce your parking rules, not to tow everything in sight.

Our drivers must pass an extensive background check, drug screening, have a clean driving record and are trained, uniformed professionals. Many towing companies have very minimum hiring requirements at all beyond the ability to drive a a vehicle. Our people are professional in both appearance and attitude and represent your company with pride.

Our fleet of late model vehicles are gasoline, rather than diesel powered. Sure they cost us more to operate, but it allows us to work in your lots at 3 am quietly and unobtrusively and not disturb your tenants or their families. Its little details like this that matter.

Traffic Control

Effective traffic control starts by effectively analyzing the situation and developing a plan that coordinates personnel in key areas where traffic backups are most likely to occur. It is also of vital importance to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians while maintaining the flow of traffic in and out of the event.

Our traffic management specialists have extensive professional training and experience. We also provide them with all of the tools and equipment they need to effectively manage traffic as a team, including radios, flashlights, yellow lights, traffic cones, signage, reflective vests, and highly-visible uniforms. Required certification in emergency response, CPR, and evacuation coordination means they can handle any problem effectively.

Parking management falls under the same umbrella as traffic management, as effective communication with drivers ensures that vehicles flow smoothly into and out of parking areas.

Our traffic management specialists are not only trained to manage the ebb and flow of traffic around parking areas, but can handle any equipment necessary to get the job done. We can also supply them with the tools they need to be effective parking managers including radios, uniforms, and call phones.

Video Monitoring



As a company Central Protection Services has always utilized technology to enable our security officers to provide a higher quality service to meet your needs. Advances in technology have opened options to securing your property more effectively and in many cases far less costly than traditional security guard services.

Utilizing our VSaaS program we coordinate the installation of video cameras on your property (at NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU) and feed those cameras back to our 24 hour Real Time Operations Center (RTOC) and to your tablet or mobile device. We monitor your site directly from our Operations Center during the hours you choose. In the event of an incident we dispatch one of our roving patrol officers and or the local police, giving your property an unsurpassed level of prevention and security not possible with traditional cameras or guards alone.

• Eliminate financial headaches and avoid cost increases. We will lock in your security budget for up to 5 years!
• Fast access to trial ready video for court purposes for up to 90 days (Longer storage available if needed)
• View your property and receive security alerts directly to your smartphone 24/7
• Have “more eyes on site” than one or two security guards can possibly provide.
• Never worry about equipment malfunction or outdated equipment. Full warranty coverage, labor, and installation costs are included.
• No large upfront capital expense, you just pay a monthly subscription cost.
• Get better security coverage at LESS cost!


Access Control

access control

The last two decades have seen quantum leaps in all sorts of technology – from personal computers to military weaponry to security electronics. What was science fiction in the 1970’s is now reality and it has forever changed our ability to control access to commercial and residential properties. Throughout this evolution, Central Protection has been vigilant to remain on the cutting edge. Central Protection is constantly testing promising new products that our clients could benefit from. Today, that hard work and dedication has placed us among the elite of system integrators and a wellspring of real world “know how.”

We offer professional advice, system engineering, and turnkey installations. Here’s just a sampling of our products and services…

• Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)
• Total access control packages including: biometrics, iris scanners, proximity readers, fingerprint recognition, and much more
• SmartPass – vehicle access control technology
• Intrusion detection systems and alarms
• Alarm monitoring
• Gatehouse computer access control programs
• Swing gates for community entry by vehicles
• Barrier arm gates for entry vehicle entry

Executive Protection


Are you a CEO looking for added protection, an employee with domestic issues in your life, do you transport money or sensitive documents, are you an entertainer looking to protect your privacy, or a church leader that sparks controversy? Central Protection’s Personal Protection Officers and Executive Protection program can be the solution to your concerns.

General Duties of a “Personal Protection Officer”

A bodyguard used to conjure an image of a hulking figure that didn’t talk much, but would “crush” any threat that arose. Nowadays, professional bodyguards must be alert, polite, un-assuming, but fully prepared to protect the client in a manner that minimizes risk of liability and injury.

All Central Protection Personal Protection Officers have military or police experience, and are trained in a minimum of 40-plus hours of less-lethal defensive tactics, 40-plus hours of firearms, 32 hours of Executive Protection, first aid and CPR, the National Incident Management System (NIMS), customer service and conflict resolution. Other relevant training includes defensive driving, threat assessment, and public relations. This provides you a competent, certified officer to handle whatever needs may arise.

All of Central Protection’s Personal Protection Officers and Bodyguards are properly licensed, and must qualify and train to Central Protection’s higher standard before working in the field. It’s important to remember that using an untrained or unlicensed bodyguard, makes you liable for their actions. Central Protection’s training follows the models of the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) and ESI (Executive Security International).

Spousal Protection / Escorts

Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) may be just what you need if you are going through an ugly divorce or a domestic situation. If you need to move items out of a residence, travel to and from work safely, go out with friends for dinner, or just go about your daily routine without fear of assault or incident, a PPO may be just what you need.

Celebrities, Politicians, Entertainers

Being a high-profile celebrity or entertainer often brings about over-zealous fans, angry competition, or pushy media members. A PPO trained in customer service and proper verbal de-escalation skills, along with a professional appearance and attitude, can protect your image, while keeping you safe.

Pastoral Bodyguard Service

Many churches and ministries are recognizing the need to have trained personnel to respond to aggressive visitors, protesters, or disgruntled clergy. Some churches and ministries use their own members for their “security team”. Simply having a Concealed Handgun permit and a few hours of training is not a good alternative and may be a violation of state statutes or regulations. Remember that when acting as your security team, the church or individual pastor is liable for all actions, including any potential use of force.

Short-Term Travelling Persons / Valuables (Courier Service)

Transporting money or sensitive documents poses inherent risks, Central Protection Personal Protection Officers can act as “couriers” for you or with you, giving you the confidence that a well-trained professional is by your side or observing at a distance.

Terminations and Executive Protection in the Workplace

Terminations can range from routine to high-risk, sometimes changing rapidly as they occur. Central Protection Personal Protection Officers can provide an obvious or discreet presence in the area and ensure the safety of your management personnel. Central Protection Executive Protection Officers provide the security level needed to ensure your safety, without alerting the public or disrupting your workplace or home life. Central Protection provides “house-sitting” service to executives who want peace of mind when under threat or out of town.

Central Protection Executive Protection Service offers a full-spectrum solution to the personal protection needs of your situation and environment.

We are ready and willing to ensure the overall safety of you, your business, your reputation, and your assets. Contact us today to get started with planning a complete security solution for your business.


Disaster Response


Central Protection Services recognizes the need for static temporary services, whether in response to an emergency or a planned service request. Temporary Security Services is a unique, web and voice-based service that is able to reach all markets. By utilizing the company’s National Communications Center (NCC) with its state-of-the-art telephone and LAN technologies, we can provide around-the-clock direct coordination with officers, supervisors and clients.

Central Protection Services has a specialized team in place for natural or man-made disasters. Statewide Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) is able to mobilize and deploy officers to your location immediately.

S.E.R.T. members are trained proactive where police officers are trained re-active. By taking the proactive approach, the team members can deter most situations from even taking place.

Although security is the primary mission for most our response teams, we also assist clients by providing emergency communications, food, fuel, transportation, and even medical assistance.

We offer clients:

• Trained security personnel to respond appropriately to security incidents, alarms and emergencies

• The use of the NCC to provide initial alert response after your call for service

• A phone number and PIN that will allow the NCC to quickly reference your information

• Tracking of any incidents reported by the security officers for your review, as requested

• Dependable, responsive service that will give individualized attention to your security needs

• Local coordination, support and immediate management for any service request
Central Protection’s mission is to provide static temporary security to all types of facilities, events and construction sites, with emergency response and planned security services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Contact us today to find out more information.

Loss Prevention


Retail Loss Prevention Officers (armed or unarmed): We work with a diverse group of retailers to provide well trained personnel in customer settings, especially high end luxury boutiques. Appearances can make a difference with each client’s locations. We can staff the officers in a suit, standard uniform or a more casual polo look. Central Protection is the leader in identifying and elite and unique type of service employee for whom the expectations are always set high by demanding clients who themselves are challenged by a demanding clientele.

Uniformed Security Officers (armed or unarmed): Every security officer is screened to meet individual customer needs. Security personnel are highly qualified, responsible professionals who take pride in their work. To identify reliable personnel, Central Protection uses a rigid company hiring process that includes background screening and where applicable drug testing. St. Moritz understands that strong management depends on a superior field support staff. Our management has extensive experience in law enforcement, as well as the private security industry. Our 24 hour Dispatch Center ensures our resources are available to our customers at any time of the day or night.

After Hours Coverage: Uniformed security personnel are available from border to border around the clock to meet those unexpected security needs when an emergency or other after hours access is necessary. We can meet your last minute calls for services.

Temporary Holiday and Emergency Coverage: Central Protection is well organized to manage any temporary need whether it is responding to an emergency or a planned service request. Our office staff is trained to provide local coordination support or management of nearly any temporary or emergency service request at any time day or night.

Product Escorts and Specialized Transports: This is a highly specialized service drawn from law enforcement personnel who are trained in robbery suppression for jewelers throughout Florida. Central Protection is the leader in the armed escort industry. We will work with you to help resolve product movement challenges across the country or locally.

Anti-crime units (unarmed): Specialized two man teams or one man units are trained to deter, identify, and apprehend retail organized theft criminals in high crime environments. Daily activity reports are generated to track suspected offenders operating throughout a range of client locations by time, date and description.



Notary Services

$10.00 Notarial Act (ea.)
$20.00 Solemnizing Marriage Certificate

Appointment Fee/Mileage

$15.00 < 5 mi radius
$25.00 .>5 mi<10 mi radius
$0.50 each additional mile over 10 mi radius

*Appointment Fees/Mileage double for emergency services after 8 pm and before 8 am or anytime on Sunday.

Wedding and Meeting Planning and Coordination

Let’s discuss your needs. We specialize in low cost weddings that make an impact. Simple wedding services with vows, travel within 10 miles, and solemnizing marriage certificate, email/phone coordination, and one 1 hr coordination meeting are priced starting at $150.00. Additional coordination meetings are $50.00 per meeting.

All wedding services are performed by a professional male Notary Public.

Additional Services/Charges

$10.00 Deliver to Post Office (up to 2 documents $5.00/per additional document.
$0.50 Document Courier Service (per mile)
$0.50 Faxing (per page)
$50.00 Client No Show, Extended Wait or Refusal to Sign (per 45 minute wait)

Translation services can be coordinated through Central Protection Services.
Hours of Operation

By appointment, at your location (available 24 hrs/day)
A notarial act is any act performed by a notary public that he/she is authorized to do in his/her official capacity. Types of notarial acts include acknowledgments, jurats, copy certifications, witnessing signatures, administering oaths and solemnizing marriages. If you find a notarial act that you need, please contact us using the contact us page.


An acknowledgment is a notarial act whereby a person, at the same time and place, appears before the notary public and presents a document to be acknowledged. If the notary does not know the individual, he/she must present sufficient documentation to the notary confirming his/her identity. Once identify has been established, the individual must indicate to the notary that the signature was voluntary and performed for the purposes indicated by the document. At that time, the notary can acknowledge the document by witnessing and placing a notarial seal or stamp on the document.


An affirmation is legally equivalent to an oath. An individual, at the same place and time, appears before the notary public and makes a vow of truthfulness or fidelity on the pain of pain of penalty for perjury. As with an acknowledgment, if the notary does not know the individual, he must present sufficient documentation to the notary confirming his/her identity. this act is commonly used with affidavits and jurats.

Copy Certification

A copy certification occurs when a notary public is presented with a document and identical copies of the document. Upon inspection, if the notary public determines the copies are in fact duplicates of the original, the notary public can certify that the copies are complete, accurate and identical to the original. However, the State of Florida does not allow for the certifying of documents that are able to be obtained through an governmental agency. These documents include but are not limited to a birth certificate, death certificate, drivers record, etc. Central Protection Services will not certify any document in which we have not duplicated.

Witnessing and Oaths

Notaries can witness or attest to signatures provided that the notary knows the identify of the person signing or the persons who has provided the notary with sufficient identification confirming his/her identity. Additionally notaries can administer oaths, providing the oath is not an other for office or in a military setting. Often these oaths are given to deponents during depositions.

Solemnizing Marriages

In Florida, Maine and South Carolina, notaries can perform marital ceremonies and certify the same. This act only includes the actual act of certifying a marriage. Should the couple wish for assistance in the planning and coordination of their wedding, Central Protection Services also provides this service. We are scalable and can plan a wedding for a budget of any size. Really weddings for between $800 to $80,000. No matter what the budget is, we will assure an event to remember.


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